Thursday, September 14, 2006

Geriatric 1927 -- Wikipedia article

Peter's article in Wikipedia ia a fun read. Lets you know it's never too late to do something that gets a lot of attention. And you don't have to do anything stupid or injure anybody to get there.

geriatric1927 is the pseudonym of a 79-year-old English pensioner (real name Peter, born 1927), best-known for his recent rapid and unexpected rise to stardom on Generation Y-dominated online social network YouTube .

Making his YouTube debut in August, 2006 with a series of five-to-ten minute autobiographical videos entitled Telling it all, his posts gained immediate popularity with a wide section of the YouTube community, a leading member of the much-heralded Web 2.0 generation of web sites.

Amongst the autobiographical details revealed in his videos are the fact that he served as a radar mechanic during World War II, has had a lifelong love of motorcycles, and that he currently lives alone as a widower and pensioner in England.His unforeseen and meteoric rise has been widely reported by international media outlets and online news sources and blogs, gaining YouTube much publicity along the way. Peter himself has so-far resisted all media attention (including requests for interviews, photographs, and attempts to identify him), insisting that he only wishes to converse with the YouTube community in an informal and personal way.

As of August 16, 2006, geriatric1927 has been the most subscribed user on YouTube. His rise to the #1 position took place in just over a week. It is noteworthy that in the process he displaced users who have been around since the site's launch over a year ago, including the recently NBC-signed Brooke Brodack.

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