Sunday, September 17, 2006

Geriatric 1927 -- Official Site -- Updated

Peter has authorized a website. I have added it to the blogroll on the sidebar not being subscribed by Bloglines. His most recent video was released about five hours ago as of this writing and he's improving technically.

Somebody has already called him "a Grandpa for the entire internet community. "
What an honor!
He continues to be a model of modesty and civility.

Updated Sunday, September 17

Moving this post to the top now...first posted two days ago...

Love it!

Forty-eight hours and the demand was so great they broke the server and have to look for a new host. Peter tells all about it, reading a letter on a quickly produced video. Check it out.
Here is the link to his YouTube collection.

"...we have to move the website from the old reseller to the new one, which will be go-daddy dot com though still through 'giggle hosting'. The problem is this: We broke the server and the reseller crashed, so they suspended all of my accounts. We peaked past the four percent load on the servers -- which is sort of the point where most people either put up their own server...and do their own hosting -- or go with a pure dedicated hosting..."

Other details follow, including the prospect of getting a big bill for the new service, unless they can work out some kind of advertising banner trade-off in return for hosting.

This is great stuff.
Inside the internet, marketing and all that...

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