Tuesday, September 19, 2006

You Tube notes

The president on Global Warming. (Thanks, Cat!)

Also, Peter's Telling it all, Part 20 is up.


vietnamcatfish said...

After doing a google search looking "for sample and hold," an old song by Neil Young, he of "Let's Impeach the President" fame. Google listed youtube. The video was awesome, but when returning to view it again, it had been removed. Because I [ evidently ] had violated the terms and agreements of youtube.

It's my favorite new toy. I noticed afterwards that you have it listed on H.P. Watching the Supremes on the "Ed Sullivan Shew;" watching vintage clips of the Fab 4; Elvis; Vanilla Fudge; etc.

Btw, Lester Maddox once ate with me at Hell Whole one Sunday afternoon.. He was Mr. Personality. Ebullient for lack of a better word. I was afraid to be too gracious, because of his past transgressions. He of the Pickrick restaurant and ax handles fame.

However, as Guvner seems he appointed many blacks to positions which was unprecedented at the time. Or so the spin goes from back in the day. Bush appoints Condi Rice as Secretary of State, but she's an uncle tom. You don't see much of a diversity with democrats, ergo John Kerry and the like. Their staff appear to be lily-white, er, caucasion.

And as Neal Boortz likes to say: "Jimmy Carter never met a dictator he didn't like."

Because H.P. is somewhat of a liberal forum, perhaps my comments will be misconstrued.

c'est la vie, v.c.

Hoots said...

Don't worry about it, Cat. This is more a soapbox than a forum anyway. A forum requires participation by a group, and this blog seems to be a place where I pontificate and others just roll their eyes and keep moving. Very few comments.

As for Gov. Maddox, he and Ms. Virginia were among my regulars for several years. I could tell you lots of stories, but this is not the best place for that. I can say two things about Lester Maddox. First, he was absolutely crippled by grief when Virginia died. He came alone to eat and sometimes would cry just remembering their times together. Second, until the end he always dressed and behaved as though he were running for office. He couldn't help it. If he was in the building longer than five minutes everyone knew he was there, and a good many mistakenly thought he was the owner.

You're right about the appointment of blacks during his administration. One of the little-known pieces of American trivia. Some Georgians may also remember that he and a former black employee from the Governor's Mansion got together briefly for an entertainment act called The Governor and the Dishwasher. I think one of them played a harmonica or something.

Hoots said...

Sure enough, someone has written Lester Maddox a very good article in Wikipedia. Check it out. And yes, the dishwasher was named Bobby Lee Sears.

vietnamcatfish said...

Hoots, I was just trying to stir the pot a bit. Get some dialogue going. Allah the dems.

I remember as a kid how Lester Maddox would run for office and get slaughtered. But eeked out a win due to the rules of the legislature. Seems that no longer applies today.

Wasn't Pickrik known for its chicken livers as well as its chicken?

Back in '64 my sub-freshman class [ no middle school back in those dinosaur days of yore ] was the first class of mega integration in the high schools. It was an adjustment time for everyone involved.

We, the caucasions, were proudly boasting to the african americans that Barry Goldwater was gonna clean Lyndon Johnson's clock. It was a sad day after the election, because the clock cleansing was vice-versa. LBJ won in a landslide.

I remember, too, that the slow-drawling president rode down the streets of Atlanta in his bullet proof limo waving to the crowd, of which I was a member. Methinks the school system was let out for the day, so we could see Hizzoner.

Your Oprah foray today didn't mention LBJ amongst the woebegone presidents: Nixon, Reagen, Bush 1, Bush 2, Hoover, not sure what he meant by Harry Truman. SOS. Same old [ tired ] shtick.

Old Lyndon had had enough by the end of his first term. What'd he say? " I shall not seek, and I will not accept, the nomination of my party for another term as your President.

It seems to me that fate decides these things. If Nixon had not debated JFK in '60; if Bush 2 had not won the 2000 election; if FDR had lived and Harry Truman had not become president; etc., the world as we know it today would be decidedly different.

Who's scripting this stuff, eh?

In closing, where's the dialogue? Dems get with it! Sincerely, Cat

Hoots said...

If Nixon had not debated JFK in '60; if Bush 2 had not won the 2000 election; if FDR had lived and Harry Truman had not become president; etc., the world as we know it today would be decidedly different.

Quite so.
Interesting list there. In each case you have a razor-thin margin separating winners from losers. FDR's health today would have him in hopsice and the his charismatic popularity led to the Twenty-second Amendment creating presidential term limits. Truman as VP dropped into office and ran in the next election. Remember that picture of Truman smiling and holding up the "Dewey Wins" headline?

I remember noting at the time of the Nixon-Kennedy race that enough people voted for the Faubus States Rights Party that had they voted for Nixon it would have swung the election (popular vote, not electoral).

Our politics is getting to be like out engineering. We have become really good at skating to the edge of danger with greater safety. Of course we have a lot of products, buildings and institutions that don't hold up. (Remember the hotel balcony that collapsed? Appliances with planned obsolescence? Compromised quality in old brand names sold to new owners...Hunter Fans, KitchenAide Mixers, Piccadilly Cafeterias...)

What I'm seeing politically is a deepening divide between Left and Right with fewer and fewer people left in the center. The Bush-Gore race is the most recent case in point. I wish I had a rememdy.