Tuesday, January 09, 2007

geriatric 1927 -- Peter, example of grace under fire

This little video popped up at YourTube this morning among the "Most Watched" for the last day or so. It's not my habit to waste time there because it's like going to a yard sale; mostly stuff in which you have no interest and the only time you go there is if you have nothing better to do. In this case I was emailed a Steve Irwin clip from the Tonight Show ("screamingly" funny, if you'll excuse the expression...).

Anyway, someone apparently made a hoax video announcing that Peter, geriatric 1927, had died. This is the man's wonderful response, put together in a matter of hours. It is a study in how to maintain one's dignity even in response to stupidity, insults and libel. Having spent a career in the food business I am more appreciative of this quality than the average person. I have told my staff (and myself) repeatedly that we have no control over anything that people say or do, but we have some measure of control over how we respond.

Watch, listen and learn from this graceful old veteran of the human race.

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