Sunday, January 28, 2007

In My Language -- Video by a Gifted Autistic Woman

This may be the most remarkable Internet discovery I have come across.
I saw this video at BoingBoing and was deeply touched. My wife and I watched it together and recalled a couple of personal experiences we have had with friends who have autistic children. We don't know any autistic adults (that we know of) but after seeing this video I may want to go make the acquaintance of some...

Be patient, now, and let the video play. Watch, look, listen, and read this part of my post while she gets past the first part of the video "in her own language." About five minutes from the end there is a voice-over by a computer-generated reading program which audibly reads from a typed script that this remarkable woman has typed! She explains to the reader/viewer what she is doing and what she is thinking about.
I have seen the piece enough that I have almost memorized the melody she is humming...

Don't stop here.
There's MORE....
She has a blog.
And she's perhaps the most inspiring figure I have come across in a long time.
Here is a link to her blog. It's all I can do not to link to today's three-minute video she made in response to a comment left by some dreadful troll who questioned her credibility.
Go discover this woman for yourself. Read what she writes. And watch today's video.

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