Thursday, January 25, 2007

Global Warming comment

Pieter Dorsman has a few cool remarks about global warming, pointing to Unstoppable Global Warming: Every 1500 Years, a book with a growing string of positive reader reviews at Amazon.

(I just love this. By reading the reviews I can get the gist of the thesis, come to a general conclusion, and move on with my life having saved all the hours it would take to actually read the book. Thanks, all.)

Excuse the digression, please. I have been listening to all the arguments and coming to pretty much the same conclusion about global warming myself: the phenomenon is real but is more a geological/meteorological/solar macro event than anything else. Mankind has been here before and with any luck will be around for the next cycle.

As usual, there are nuts on all sides who want to be in one kind of denial or another, depending on their respective agendas. The talk show hosts would have one believe that global warming is all a hoax, politically motivated by environmentalists who want to see the destruction of global capitalism, and activists on the other side want to advance their good stewardship cause. One side excuses waste and environmental pollution and the other would have us running our kitchens without food service film.

I'm growing as tired of the discussion as the one about gun control.

Lets move on. Actual people are getting killed in the Middle East and we still have a president in office who has two more years to get us into deeper trouble than we already are. And he's smart, politically savvy as well as unwilling or unable to change direction or admit to a mistake. To me that's a much more pressing threat than global warming.

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Kobayashi Maru said...

Hoots - A wise and rational conclusion on your part. One reason it's not going to be possible to just move on is that global warming seems to be becoming a grand unifying theory of, and vehicle for nearly everything else that ails the world. For example: this one.