Friday, January 12, 2007

This morning's best comments thread

One of the great rewards of blogging is that nobody gives a damn what you say and whether or not you have any sense of proportion. So with everybody salivating for yet another barbed attack on the president or inciteful scrap of analytical genius, I point to a timely piece of trivia showing that real people are out there writing...

Publius is the screen name of one of the smartest bloggers. He has joined another team at Obsidian Wings, hilzoy's place. (The comments thread there is also fun reading, incidentally.) This strikes me as promising synergy, or as Bogart said to Rains, Louis, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Orin Kerr at VC noted the move...

Publius: Thanks for the heads up - much appreciated. Now if you can just give me some ideas for some law review articles, I'll be all set.

Kerr: What subject area do you have in mind?

Publius: i was kidding but I'm actually trying to do communications (more of a focus on telecom and telecom history). less though on the law enforcement/criminal side (i'll just read you for that stuff) -- more interconnection, net neutrality, VoIP type focus.

Katherine: You have time to write law review articles?!?

Kovarsky: with all due respect to publius, it's only fair to disclose that he made me shut off the bears patriots game this year in favor of barney the dinosaur.

purple. dinosaur.

i'm a little disappointed to see that he's closing up shop, because it means that he's going to be babbling in my ear more. the man makes me feel like a raging conservative maniac.

Publius: kovarsky - You're not a maniac, but you are a knee-jerk contrarian. I attribute that to your excessive consumption of Slate

Publius: of course, i don't, um, know the man and the barney accusation is, err, wholly unfounded

Kovarsky: worst rhetorical question ever: mrs. publius:

"lee, do you want to turn the game off and watch barney?"

[glare at mr. publius. mr. publius shrugs shoulders].

lee: yes, mrs. publius, of course i'm more interested in the stuffed plumb dinosaur than tom brady versus brian uhrlacher. can we book barney during the super bowl too?

Publius: who is this man? and why does he continue to have commenting privileges

andy: i can suggest plenty of tax law topics, if you are interested.

This is part of the reason that lawyers are so expensive and must be paid by the hour.

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