Sunday, January 14, 2007

"...a political blunder of positively biblical proportions."

This delightful post heading comes from Blue Crab Boulevard's story pointing to the new Speaker of the House as she steps into a really big pile of you-know-what. Politics at that level is all cut from the same fabric, so I'll be interested to see which of her political opponents is deemed clean enough to take her to task. Members of her own party certainly won't risk such a thing, so it's all up to the Republicans.




I heard a talk show host complaining about it a couple of days ago, but there have been so many cries of "wolf" from that quarter that it's about a credible as an extramarital affair on Jerry Springer.

You gotta hand it to the gal. She knows when and how to get away with stuff. Better to do it now, flush with political capital. When that's all gone it's down to business.

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