Sunday, January 07, 2007

hilzoy on Discrimination and Affirmative Action

Good essay.
Nothing new.
It's still going on.
Read it and try to figure out how to over come the problem with something other than a "blunt instrument." I don't have a remedy. Perhaps a reader will.
Just be sure to read the whole thing through -- thoughtfully -- before shooting off your keyboard or mouth or whatever it is you shoot off. turns out that a white with a felony record is more likely to get a [job] offer or a callback than a black without one.

...affirmative action is an obviously imperfect solution. The real answer is for racism in hiring to become as uncommon and unacceptable as pro-slavery views are today. And what makes studies like this one so disheartening is that they show how far we are from leaving affirmative action behind.


Main Gnome said...

Did they do the study with Black-owned businesses? Or with Asian-owned businesses? Or with Mexican-owned businesses?

If so, I'll bet you a beer they got similarly skewed results favoring the race-or-ethnic profile of those doing the hiring.

Hoots said...

Thanks for leaving a comment. I will leave it in place to illustrate the level of thinking that sincere people are up against. (Is "gnome" anything like "troll"?)