Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Steve Rosenbaum: Hillary note (comparing Obama)

Worth quoting...
H/T Patrick Ruffini

Obama's words feel like his own. Both convincing and colloquial. Direct and spoken without any sense that he's being asked to read 'copy'. His delivery is authentic. In stark contrast, Hillary is struggling with words that are not her own. You can practically see the tele-prompter reflected in her eyes....when she then says - "Let's talk, lets chat..." you can just see the speech writers trying to find a way to soften her with the word 'chat'. Please. Hillary Clinton doesn't 'chat' - and it's not credible coming out of her mouth.

And thanks, Pieter Dorsman for a load of good links and comments.

This is the part of campaigning I like. I haven't made any final decisions and everybody is pretending to be nice.

Well, mostly everybody...

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