Wednesday, January 03, 2007

2007 Weblog Awards

Weblog Awards nominations are now being accepted. Blogsnow does for me and blogging what my employees and children do for me and the world around me...keep me aware of stuff I would otherwise miss for sheer lack of interest. In the same way that I find sports, most pop music and card games to be a monotonous waste of time, I also am deeply uninterested in memes, fads and puzzles. I get bored very fast with stuff like that. Sorry. Awards and such have not interested me much, either. Still don't, really, but I nominated three sites I like to be in the running. They deserve recognition for excellence, which is why they may not have much chance. Large numbers of people are not drawn to excellence as much as sparkle and flash. Their loss if you ask me. Anyhow...

The Doctor is In for Best Kept Secret Weblog. I didn't check TTLB or anything. Dr. Bob may be second or third in line behind Glenn Reynolds for all I know, but I do know this: he is one of the smartest, most disciplined and most intense people blogging today. When he takes up a subject he makes it melt with the intensity of his concentration. The quality of his blog is perfect, and he is a person who won't settle for anything but the best. All of this, and good character as well. It's a rare and admirable combination.

3 Quarks Daily for Best Group Weblog. Daily don't miss. Bright, ambitious, keenly intelligent and insightful bunch of young people (mostly) working in New York. A fountain of great finds to feed the hungry intellect.

H5N1 for Best Topical Weblog. Through thick and thin, this blogger stays on task. Also up to date and all over the place. Daily input. Sometimes incidental, but often interesting. Waiting and watching for the dreaded H2H mutation is about as interesting as standing fire watch in a military barracks. But a lot more is at stake. When and if that day comes, we will be grateful that this blogger, like the firemen whom we never see until there is a fire, will suddenly become one of our most important assets.

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Dr. Bob said...

Hey, Hoots --

This "Dr Bob" fellow sounds like he walks on water -- I'd love to meet him some day ...

Seriously, thank you for your kind words, which are very much appreciated. They have earned you an honored spot on my sidebar, unless you prefer they not be there.

God bless, and happy New Year.