Sunday, July 08, 2007

David Ritcheson (1989-2007)

This story is so ugly I don't want to summarize it.

There are those who don't think that "hate crime" is a real phenomenon. I have heard mean-spirited talk show hosts, trying to be clever, sarcastically call such crimes "thought crimes" with the intent of linking hate-crime laws with an Orwellian image of government intrusion on freedom. The word "hate" is up for discussion, you know.


Read the link for yourself then think about it.

Next, go to this post by David Niewert. This writer has for years been doing the heavy lifting for those of us fighting hate crimes and other forms of discrimination.
Again, I don't want to summarize. Anything I snip would be insufficient to drive home the message. A glass of ocean water is nothing like the ocean.

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Anonymous said...

I read that when the two men who brutalized this young man were sentenced, there existed the possibility for parole in just 30 years, which I find reprehensible. David Ritcheson was living with physical limitations and pain after the attack, as well as knowing that everyone around him knew what he had undergone. Kids can be cruel. Adults can be cruel. I only hope that he found peace in death, and I hope that the fact that his life did not end, but his will to live did, with this horrible attack will be taken into account when these two men are up for release for prison. They killed David Ritcheson. He just didn't die right away.