Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Nour al-Khal and Lisa Ramaci in today's NY Times

Readers of this blog already know the story.

Nour's escape to safety is a great reason for an Independence Day fireworks celebration.

Welcome to America, Miss Nour!
(That's how we in the South address people with polite warm respect.)

Read the story.

July 7 addendum

Drilling into a referral I came across Seraphic Secret, a blog new to me with the most wonderful description of Lisa. The writer is a pro and his image of her comes across bigger than life. It makes me love them both. This is too good to miss. Go read.

I'm not accustomed to hanging around with gorgeous, six-foot biker chicks who vote Republican.

But then, Lisa Ramaci-Vincent is unlike any other woman I've ever met.

Which is a good thing.

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Fayrouz said...

I'm delighted that Lisa and Nour were AT LAST united. It's wonderful to see them together.