Sunday, July 29, 2007

Plea for help

This morning the following anonymous comment was left at one of my posts about Nour al-Khal.

I am a female transelater who worked 3 years with the coalition. I worked in and out of baghdad. i been threatened many times so i had to leave the country to save my family. Terrorists now sending threats to my little brother because of this and i been trying to get psylum to the states but i do not have hope that the US gov will really help.



Like her, I doubt that the US government will be very helpful in her plight. There is no reason to doubt that she worked as a translator for the coalition. I cannot imagine any Iraqi in his or her right mind would make up such a claim, especially someone whose English ability is as limited as this sad message indicates.

The number of displaced and endangered Iraqis is said to be in the two million range. The reasons they left are as varied as the number, but the reasons all began with a compelling belief that leaving their motherland was better than remaining.

This exodus has been brought about by the war in Iraq.

We who initiated that war bear responsibility for the results.

For those who have been killed it is too late. But it is not too late to help the survivors, particularly those fortunate enough to have found safety outside Iraq.

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