Saturday, March 08, 2008

Zelda: Ocarina of Time - Gerudo Valley (piano improvisation)

[This post from last year (July 1) is about Kyle Landry. You Tube suspended his account and pissed off a lot of his fans. I don't know the details but I suspect it has something to do with copyright litigation. Here's another video that started playing as I was putting this update together. Pretty nice. The YouTuber who posted it says Too bad kyle556's youtube account was suspended! Here is one of my favourites! INFO: I'm just uploading this because I love kyle's play, and I don't want to steal his videos or become famous or whatever... ]

I know nothing about this music or this musician. I came across it on tonight's You Tube "Top Favorites" thumbnails and it strikes me as musically satisfying. The theme is derived from a video game and a search turns up endless variants. The games and amateur musicians bore me. I got over being a musical snob, the result of two years' training at the college level many years ago. But poorly performed music of all kinds still gets on my nerves.

This snip lets me know that young people still have the capacity to recognize and produce music of lyric grace.
Three minutes.

Kyle Landry is seventeen years old and has been uploading to You Tube since March, 2006.

He's also something of a composer!
Hopeless romantic. Wonderful! I'm glad there are more coming along. He makes me feel better about the next generation.

Update from the Short Story site...

Also known as KylePiano, Kyle556 and Kyle 5556, Kyle
Kyle Landry is a solo pianist who has been playing since he was 8 years old. He originally joined this site with just a single video, though today has a library over literally hundreds of recorded performances. Kyle has made quite a name for himself at
YouTube, being among the top 20 most subscribed musicians of all time.

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