Wednesday, March 05, 2008

TTLB Ecosystem Renovation

From time to time I check to see where Hootsbuddy's Place falls by N.Z.Bear's metric. Back in the day, as they say, The Truth Laid Bear was the gold standard for ranking blogs. But as the numbers exploded the TTLB Ecosystem, which once seemed to include all blogs, became a minority population.

I don't see how he does it. Spammers and porn peddlers, like politicians and lawyers, seem always to be way out in front of everyone else. The numbers are breathtaking.

But when I checked the other day this blog had slipped from the nine thousands down to twenty-some thousand and sinking...But the category was no longer some slimy or creepy thing. Yesterday it was Adorable Rodent, and this morning a Flappy Bird. Neat, huh?

Not particularly important to me, but interesting. By the end of 2004, after a few weeks of blogging I came to terms with my own insignificance as a writer/blogger. The volume of truly intelligent and impressive writing out there is more than any mortal can ever grasp. It's like the ocean. You might get to the other side but even from outer space you'll never be able to see the whole of it except in pieces.

This is what N.Z. says...

Update 3/1/08: The Ecosystem is undergoing a major expansion, with many new blogs being added to the system. That means rankings may bounce around a bit --- but the new rankings will be an even more accurate representation of blogs' popularity in the blogosphere as a whole. Put on your seatbelt and enjoy the ride! --- N.Z.

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