Saturday, March 08, 2008

How did you get poop on your lemon?

This wonderful little video is making the rounds.
I guess we -- those of us in the food business -- earned it.

She covers many ways that bacteria get on lemon wedges... all except one:


Anybody think about that?

(Okay, then. Not to leave anyone out, here is a link to the Filthy Little Lemon video which is too nasty to embed in my blog.)

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vietnamcatfish said...

Hello hootster, I enjoyed the video. The horror stories we could tell, eh? About the food biz. My favorite one is the grill cook who used his spatula to unstop the floor drain, and then promptly placed the soiled spatula back on the grill.

I like your story about the manager who urged the frollicking couple to wash their hands when returning to work.

There is a movie in all of this.

My 2nd favorite story is about Linda.

"Why are you crying, Linda," I asked.

"L'il Johnny ( her 2 year old ) drank some bleach. His older brother ( 3 year old ) likes to play with bleach and accidentally left some in a cup and l'il Johnny accidentally drank some."

"Why are you here, then??? Shouldn't you be at the hospital???"

"I thought you needed me!" she said through alligator-sized tears streaming down her face.