Thursday, November 01, 2007

Hello, ilona

(First posted Nov 1...)
I'm dating this post to appear at the top of the scroll for a week or two so ilona will find it. She lately left a comment on another post, but she didn't see this one. Maybe this will be easier to find...

I've read your blog and occasionally heard from you for a long time. True grit has been on my blogroll since forever. But you need to know that my computer has a hard time when I go there. I like that you change the skin as often as most people get new hats. Breaks monotony and tells me you're keeping on top of all the latest technology.

When my Symantec subscription ran out (after three years, two renewals) it was replaced by Trend Micro's PC-cillin. Very different, and hypersensitive to adware which Norton ignored. Now when I click on your site ominous warning screens come flashing in from the right that tell me to close the browser and not go back to that site. They're terrible, all red, white and blue...and I think one pops out every time another adware gremlin tries to jump through the connection.

This morning it happened five times as I was trying to read your post about the Devil, ignoring the warnings. (There is a way to make them stop, but I decided not to go there.) When I clicked to read the comment, it happened all over again. Then when I tried to escape, my whole system locked up and wouldn't budge. Alt-Control-Del did nothing. This time I refused to cut off the electricity and wait...and eventually the browser closed and I started over. (And no, I never notify Microsoft when they ask. They've already wasted enough of my time.)

Sorry to be so public with this. Hope it's helpful. I'll delete the post when you get it. Thanks for reading.

Meantime, I'll keep up with you the best I can by scanning what you post in the Bloglines panes...but that bit about "this is only a summary" is often too tempting and I really want to go to the site.


ilona said...

wow! Thanks for posting this... i will have to see what to do about all this.

hate to be a gremlin, so maybe I need to change to another theme or check through what I have on my side bar?

I'll try to figure otu which rss feed has the whole post and switch to that for better reading... I hate to lose the good dialogue that comes from being able to easily read each others posts.

I apologize for the trouble of all this!

ilona said...

- if you had linked in your post it might have come up in my admin panel - which would have led me here sooner, Hoots, just a friendly thought:)