Sunday, November 04, 2007

NCRI revisited (and reconsidered)

This is interesting...

Neocons Embrace Islamic Terror Group

Daniel Pipes, one of America's premiere Islamophobes, has a soft spot for one deadly deadly Islamic terrorist organization.

All the details at the link. (And lots of carping in the comments thread. I don't have the patience to read it all.) It seems the group was first set up to overthrow the Shah of Iran, and was therefore labeled a terrorist organization...cuz the Shah was our buddy. But now that that same group is on the outs with the current leadership in Iran, they look a lot better to those advancing the idea of a regime change.

Heck. They looked good to me when I read about them last year. I did a post at the time. For the record, this post is intended to cut the legs from under the other one. My opinion has turned about 165 degrees. (I still like the description of an Iranian California. If they are to be truly democratic, that much they deserve.) I trust the reader is smart enough to connect the dots.

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