Friday, September 17, 2004

Kesher Talk about a Bush sweep

The electricity has been out for hours, making the house a ticking alarm clock with television and computer up and running at one in the morning, so I am shocked into a state of alertness after only a couple hours of fitful sleep. What to do? What to do...

So a-blogging we will go. It's Rosh Hashanna so I visit some Jewish and Israeli weblogs. Here I find the same idea I had earlier about a Bush sweep, thinking I was so smart, except somebody was ahead of me by about three months. Check it out.

I thought this election might be a blowout, but not in my wildest dreams did I imagine Bush taking NY.

This does confirm all my suspicions of a Flora McDonald Syndrome, with many many people quietly making their choice but not telling their rabid friends for fear of being ostracized or verbally abused. It also confirms my experience of volunteering at Ray's campaign table, and the many many people who came up to thank us for being there. I would always ask them if they were tourists or lived in NYC (my personal informal demographic poll), and at least half of them are NYC residents. Often they would complain about being surrounded by liberals and 'being in the closet.'

She underscores the point with several excellent links, including the explanation of the Flora McDonald Syndrome which I vaguely remember but needed to be reminded about.

There are lots of smart people out there in the blogosphere. I linked to this one via Not a Fish, which I think is an Israeli blog.

On a personal note, thanks to Cat for your kind remarks on the old Piccadilly Message Board and your fledgling blog.

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