Friday, September 17, 2004

South Knox Bubba treats us to a wonderful rant...

Before I go to bed I have to put this one on the chart. Warning before you read the whole thing, language is rated "R", but the thinking is hard as a rock. The comments are also worth a glance, especially the one referring to pre-war Germany.

Remember all those weapons of mass destruction we had to go in and get before mushroom clouds appeared over American cities courtesy of Saddam and his al-Qaeda terrorist organization? Remember how Iraq was going to welcome us with open arms and shower us with flowers? Remember how all the traitors of the anti-war left were just barking at the moon with all this crazy 'quagmire' talk? Remember how that lying liberal media was obsessed with 'body counts' and wasn't telling the whole story about all the great things happening in Iraq -- about all the schools we were building and all the toys and crayons we were giving the children?

Bullshit. All of it.

Now we're bombing those kids and their schools and their crayons, we are officially in a quagmire, and we are not greeted as liberators or showered with flowers. Instead we are hated as occupiers and showered with AK-47 fire and shrapnel from 'improvised explosive devices' (which used to be 'bombs' until Bush administration newspeak goons took over).

There's lots more, but you can read it for yourself. [August 2005: You can't read it any more. SKB folded a few weeks back. Too bad.]

When passions are as strong as this, and when there seem to be so many people in agreement, it is hard for me to understand why such thinking is thought to be unpatriotic in so many quarters. The polarization of the electorate is going from sharp to extreme. A last minute backlash is the only hope for the Democrats, but unfortunately they don't have a candidate strong enough to grab it and run with it. If the polls turned around, I expect Kerry would try to find a way to catch the wind without alienating anyone. The result would look, taste and sound pure vanilla. Or gobbledegook.

Whatever happened to the loyal opposition?

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