Sunday, September 19, 2004

Shannon Love's Blog

This is from a fairly new weblog now getting a lot of traffic thanks to a mention or two by Glenn Reynolds. I haven't read this idea elsewhere stated so clearly and simply. It's too bad my politics are not on the upswing this year, but I have to agree that what is said here is part of the reason...

Shannon Love's Blog: "I think Kerry got blindsided by the Swiftvets because he doesn?t really know what happened. He was there, but he remembers with such advantages that it never occurred to him that others that were there as well would have anything but glowing memories of his service. Nobody ever seems to have questioned his 'Christmas in Cambodia' story and he retold it so many times I think he honestly believes it himself. The same holds true for his anti-war activities. He remembers the adoration he received from the Leftist intelligentsia but not the fury and hatred he engendered in the majority of veterans.

Bush and Kerry are like two opposing generals. Bush has a realistic understanding of the disposition of his own troops but Kerry does not. Kerry cannot predict the consequences of an enemy movement because he doesn't know where his own forces are. Kerry ignored the Swiftvets because he never understood that he was in anyway vulnerable to attacks on his wartime service. The attack fell upon a weak point he did not even imagine existed. Worse, it was a weak point he believed was a strong point.

Bush's business and personal failures in the mid-80's forced upon him a self-reexamination rare in people involved in politics. I think it knocked the arrogance out him and let him look at himself in a ruthlessly honest fashion. He understands himself and this in turn gives him a good idea of how others see him as well. That's a tremendous advantage for a politician.

To defeat Bush, Kerry must first truly understand himself. I don?t think he has the inclination, nor the time left, to do so."

Not that it matters, but I'm not sure of Shannon Love's gender.

And changing subjects yet another time, I would like to add a blogroll to the sidebar, but I haven't figured out how to do that. Thanks for reading.

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