Sunday, October 16, 2005

Ann Althouse on Miers

This Althouse op-ed in the Milwaukee paper sums it up nicely.

...on the day when Bush announced the nomination, Democratic senators looked pleased. They must be even happier now that a substantial number of erstwhile Bush supporters have not only groused about the nomination, but they have also kept up the pressure of criticism for over a week and even called for Miers to withdraw.

Do the Democrats have reason to think Miers will emerge as a liberal once she has her lifetime appointment? More likely they merely see her as preferable to the staunchly ideological conservatives that were on Bush's short list.

Miers might vote with the liberal justices, but even if she votes with the conservatives, she might write inferior opinions that lack persuasive power and can be denounced as hack work when the time comes.

But whatever the Democrats are predicting will happen if and when Miers ascends to the court, there is no reason they should want to muss themselves up in a fight when Bush's own partisans are tearing up the nominee and - a nice bonus - ripping into each other.
At this point, no one is very happy with the Miers nomination.

But Bush is not the sort of person who backs down easily.

And if the nomination is not withdrawn, it's hard to see how it will not make it through the Senate (unless some truly damaging information emerges or Miers makes some blatant blunders at the hearings).

So the odds are we will soon be saying "Justice Harriet Miers" and something along the lines of: How did that happen?
I've been reading the Althouse blog. Really sharp.
Don't be fooled by short posts. There's more there than meets the eye. She's just keeping her Fleisch-Kinkaid score where more people can "get it."
If you aren't getting it, its not because she failed to point it out.

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