Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Operation Eden blog...Katrina's child

clayton james cubitt's mom was a teenage runaway, go-go dancing at a club on bourbon street in new orleans. his dad was a canadian national running pot over the border from mexico. they met, married, and moved to los angeles, conceiving him on the trip in the back of a vw bus at dinosaur national park in utah. now he takes pictures and lives in brooklyn. he grew up in new orleans and the gulf coast, where his family still lives. He is also known as siege, and all of these images originally appeared on his photo journal for

From the profile of Operation Eden.
Via Doc, who got the link from Jarvis...a history file in the making.
These photos and comments are well worth the visit.

I looked for an image to post, but none of them seemed to capture individually the power of all of them together. This blog, the posts, the contents, the a package not to be picked apart. The lives of the victims and survivors of Hurricane Katrins have been picked apart enough already.

Here is the post from September 1

Thursday, September 01, 2005

I'm Going Insane

"In Hancock County alone, Sheriff Eddie Jennings put the death toll at 85, with 60 people dead in Pearlington, 22 in Waveland, two in Bay St. Louis and one body that had washed up on the beach."

My mom's place is in Pearlington. Population 1600.

I need to go I'm torn in pieces. The hardest thing you can ask a white trash boy to do is sit still while his momma's missing.

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