Saturday, October 22, 2005

Miers nomination -- Blogger conference call

A group of bloggers was invited to participate in a conference call yesterday with retired Texas Judge Craig Enoch and White House communications advisor Jim Dyke. Those interested can follow a string of link-tracks to see how each one responded, but the comment that jumped out at me was from Don Surber.

Krauthammer is delusional if he thinks Miers will withdraw. Two words: Recess appointment. Proof: John Bolton.
...the opposition -- led by Michelle Malkin -- has everyone spooked. Everyone except George Bush. He gives the Senate until Christmas to approve and then he recess appoints.
Seems like we've talked about this before.

I don't know how he might get around the wording of Justice O'Connor's carefully-worded letter of intent to resign (...effective upon the nomination and confirmation of my successor.), but where there is a will, there's a way.

I ain't misunderestimating anybody. Maybe the threat of a recess appointment is enough to nudge things along, even if it won't hold water.


I asked Ann Althouse about blogger conference calls and her response puts the whole thing into a better perspective. Her time is more valuable.
Hoots: Yes, I get invited to those conference calls. I should do a post about why I haven't done any yet. Part of it is that they tend to be scheduled right after I get out of class and I'm in a mood for some quiet time. Part of it is that I don't imagine getting much value from it. I'll hear the pitch I've already heard, won't I? Maybe with the right question I could extract some statement that would be interesting to talk about, but that never seems to outweigh my desire to have my time for either pleasure or more efficient reading and reflection.

I have had to endure a few conference calls myself, though none as high-profile as this. I know they take a piece of your day, time-wise, and it isn't flex-time. And for every minute of whatever passes for content you trade off a minute or two for preparation and protocol. Cost-benefit analysis says it's wasted time.

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