Friday, October 21, 2005

Miers comments by Pejman

Can't let this one pass -- I have a hard time remembering when a self-inflicted political wound turned out to be so utterly devastating...

Yep. Me, too. This is the strangest parade that has come to town for a long time. There must be a reason the president is hanging on but whatever it is ain't very clear.

This nomination has the smell of death about it. The first high profiled Republican Senator to come out against it (Sam Brownback, I'm looking your way) will likely start an avalanche that will bury the nomination. I thought up until now that perhaps Miers would be able to be confirmed by the skin of her teeth. Maybe that will still be the case. But for the first time, I am thinking that the chances are better than even that the Senate will reject her.

And here is a real good question from Bainbridge:
...why hasn't Miers resigned as White House counsel? It strikes me as a gross conflict of interest for her to continue as the president's lawyer while undergoing the confirmation process...There's a substantive separation of powers problem here... At the very least, every additional day she spends working for the White House increases the probability that she'll develop a conflict of interest requiring her to recuse herself from cases that come before the Court early in her career (assuming she's confirmed). Maybe she's hanging on to her day job because her nomination is just a head fake?

Seems like that has been mentioned before.

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