Friday, October 07, 2005

Oops! James Dobson is having second thoughts

Among the first voices speaking out in favor of the Harriet Miers nomination was that of James Dobson. Unfortunately that nomination is looking more and more like a lead balloon. Well, uh, maybe the endorsement was premature.

"When you know some of the things I know - that I probably shouldn't know - that take me in this direction, you'll know why I've said with fear and trepidation (that) I believe Harriet Miers will be a good justice," Dobson said in a broadcast with co-host John Fuller.

"And John, if I have made a mistake here, I will never forget it. The blood of those babies who will die will be on my hands to a degree. Lord, if I am right, confirm it, and if I am wrong, chastise me and I will repent of it and come before these microphones."

Taking an unpopular position isn't easy, it seems.
Ask me. I know.
Fortunately (or maybe unfortunately) I don't have a revenue stream to keep me in line.

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