Sunday, September 23, 2007

Why Boston Terriers can't watch scary movies...(Updated)

I can't embed this one.
Armstrong Floors has a great video ad.

Half a minute of your time.

Well...more perhaps. I've tried the link several times and it won't load. I know it can because I saw it a few times, but I guess the server is not good enough to handle the traffic. If I were Armstrong and had paid for the space I would be raising hell when the server couldn't show the ads that were obviously made at some great expense. Server traffic has to be a lot less expensive than minutes of broadcast time that vanish at once.

(It's amazing that in the age of technology the biggest companies with the deepest pockets are sometimes the ones with the stupidest, clumsiest efforts at using that technology. I personally had a terrible time with our mortgage company, one of the world's biggest, when I accidentally made a one-digit error setting up an online account with our bank to make monthly payments. The first one went through, but the next two got misdirected or lost altogether and there was a big standoff between our bank and the mortgage company for weeks and no one knew how to unravel the mess. All had the name and address of me and my wife so there was no reason that one damn incorrect digit should have caused such a problem. Doesn't any human being know how to read anything but numbers? When it finally got settled I decided it was best to stick with snail mail and old-fashioned written checks.)

When companies fail to release good stuff via You Tube they are missing a great opportunity. Perhaps the agencies that put together the ads won't let them. I dunno. I know that professional photographers sell pictures to their clients they don't sell the "rights" to the pictures. Try to get one of your brand-name, labeled, professionally-printed portraits reproduced somewhere and see what happens. You can do it all day on your own scanner, but your friendly local photo store won't touch it.

In our lifetime we will live to see the collapse of a copyright house of cards. Technology is rapidly making such notions as obsolete as running boards and drive-in movies. (Ask me about obsolescence. I spent my life in a cafeteria. There was a time when scratch cooking was the best. No longer. Factory-made products have arrived. And I have discovered that obsolescence isn't all that bad...)

[September 23]

I first saw the ad about the time the post was first published in April. As you can see in a comment, the Armstrong people got a You Tube account soon after that, but they didn't enable embedding.

It didn't take long for someone to snag the ad and enable embedding, so here it is...

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Hoots said...

This was posted April 25. I don't know if someone at Armstrong read my complaint but a You Tube link was placed May 29 by "armstrongworld" which looks like an official corporate space. Very slick. Very professional.
Embedding has been disabled but you can now find the video at You Tube.