Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Rocket Boom on You Tube

Too many places in the sidebar. Even with Bloglines I can't keep up.
Anyway, I don't kow how long this has been going on, but since I last checked Rocketboom is now available for embed from You Tube.
There was a time when I never missed Rocketboom for a day. But as the novelty wore off I let it slide. So here's what it looks like now. Amanda Congdon left and was replaced by Joanne Colan last year. The format reamained basically the same and never missed a beat.

This is the Ed Sullivan show of cyberspace.


vietnamcatfish said...

Seems to be a combination of "Laugh-In;" "Ha-ha news;" and David Letterman. Really big shew, eh?
P.S. Liked the gambling piece. It wasn't Kathy Liebert after all. I play Texas Hold-'Em on Sundays with about 6-7 people. Tournament style. It only costs $25.00 to get in. And you can buy back in once. Not too expensive.
It's not always the best hand that wins. When someone says "I'm all in," you have to think a minute-size up your hand and your nemesis-cos your tournament life is suddenly in jeopardy.

vietnamcatfish said...

P.S. Check out this youtube video. From back in the day. v.c.