Friday, September 14, 2007

War with Iran...the drumroll continues

Matthew Hogan at Aqoul keeps up with a swelling boil on the body politic, a festering sore painful to see, coming to a head, wanting to be lanced...

Will it take another baptism in the blood of young Americans to wash away this sin?

It appears that I may have been right to call attention to those saying a war on Iran is being rolled out by the Administration. An informed and expert source in DC affirmed it to me as well a few days back. And it looks like the usual suspect sources are now marketing it. (Love the part where we can mysteriously tell that the Germans really want us to attack even as they back away from sanctions against Iran. Saying "no" when they really mean "yes", those Teutonic teases!) Michael Ledeen appears to be the one whose job is to incite the converted; he who says that al-Qaeda and Iran are interchangeable terms and at one point called Dubai, an "Iranian colony". Man, all them dang camel jockeys are the same and interchangeable, and that thinking is how one manufactures a war. Anyway, Aqoulites and Aqoulite wannabes with Iran-specific knowledge are needed to weigh in, now and in the future.

Read it and weep.
The new, improved unitary executive has plans that ordinary mortals need not question.
I wish I knew a way to apply the brakes to what seems to be a runaway train.

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