Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Obama in Berlin (Revised and Extended)

[This post started July 26 with Barack Obama's Berlin speech. When he returned to the campaign at home, he was met with a blizzard of media attention both positive and negative. The McCain campaign immediately responded to his trip with a critical ad framing him as a celebrity.]

Twenty-five minutes.

When was the last time 200,000 American-flag waving Germans, or Europeans, or citizens of any country other than the U.S., clapped, cheered, and roared enthusiastic approval for an American political leader and his democratic ideals?

Deborah White

And the beat goes on.
This, from Comedy Central. Makes the same point, by the way. Watch for the applesause spill about halfway through.

Here is the McCain campaign response to Obama's trip abroad:

Merry laughter ensues and everyone has a great time yapping, arguing and pointing (missing the dog-whistle message) while the media waits for Obama's response.

The waited...

and waited...

and waited...

...and Senator Obama kept on campaigning. Like the Energizer bunny he never missed a beat. Then one day this appeared:

And the next day Paris Hilton responded with a video of her own.
Hullo, America!
We got another candidate in the race!

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vietnamcatfish said...

I saw your post a few days ago. Didja notice the movie at the beginning is from the "Seventh Voyage of Sinbad!" Music by Bernard Herrman. One of my favs of all time. "You go, Hootster!"

Hoots said...

I saw that. As the years go by special effects and the magic of photoshopping get better all the time.
Glad you liked it.

I was just checking out some talking heads on YouTube discussing an Obama smear piece in the form of a feature length film. David Bossie is the Michael Moore of the right and he's the creative energy behind it, with Dick Morris and a cast of thousands... This is NOT "hype" you know, but it is ABOUT "hype."

I look for the next ninety-some days to become ugly as two really decent candidates try to keep lipstick on the pigs of their respective campaigns.