Sunday, August 10, 2008

Tossing Lions to the Christians (Followup)

[First posted July 28...see followup August 10 below]

I understand the two presidential candidates will not debate face to face but both will be on the same billing August 16 as guests of their mutal friend, Rick Warren. (World Net Daily seems to hate the idea. They didn't like it when Obama was there before.)

For those who don't know about Rick Warren, now is a good time to do some homework. His Saddleback Church is one of the famous megachurches and he and his wife have become the Bill and Melinda Gates of Evangelical Christianity. I put together two posts about them last year.

The New Evangelicals, Part I Well actually this is about Jim Wallis, but to understand the context of Rick and Kay Warren's work, this comes first.

Krista Tippett speaks with Rick and Kay Warren (Part II)

Incidentally (changing the subject), Joe Fralik at the Cleveland Plain Dealer speculates that Obama will announce his running mate soon.

Once he gets over jet lag, look for Barack Obama to focus on choosing a running mate. Unless he wants to reveal his pick at the convention -- something no one's done since George H.W. Bush in 1988 -- Obama probably will go public before the Olympics begin Aug. 8. The games run until the day before the Democrats come to order in Denver. In between, Obama risks being eclipsed by events -- athletic or political -- in Beijing.

Update August 10:
Well that prediction was wrong. You know what they say about backsides.

Meantime, evangelical leaders are putting together something to counter what they fear will be a bad day for all their causes at Rick Warren's church.

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