Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Waiting for the text message -- Youth Radio

I heard this morning that Obama's running mate will be announced via text-message to those with their names on the list. Thanks to today's technology all the rest of us will know about it about two seconds later, but there's something magic about being on the list.

I started tracking Youth Radio a few months ago because the smart youngsters represented there will be our next generation of professional journalists. My Obama widget added last night to the sidebar was the result of a post I read there. Nico Savidge, who will be among the many bloggers reporting from the conventions, put up a post with the link.

So, which of the two will play out a week from now? Well, if the pick is a “safe” one (someone like Tim Pawlenty, whose name has been on veepstakes shortlists since the beginning), I think McCain’s worst-case scenario of a media that’s completely Barackupied come August 29th, will become a reality. And I think even a more unexpected pick (someone like Joe Lieberman) could have the same result. John McCain ’s decision to announce his running mate the day after the Obama speech was a mistake - he’s taking a big risk, and I don’t think it will pay off.

Then again, I predicted these candidates would announce their picks a few weeks ago…

Love that word: barackupied.

It turns out to be a product of the latest BHO campaign spin -- neologisms making use of his name to create imaginative variations on the language.
It's a phenomenon that is big and still growing.
Take a moment to play with the widget in the sidebar and watch the new words pop up as you click on the upper right hand corner.
I'm sorry it's so small. I had to squeeze it to fit it into the sidebar and I knew the fad would soon pass. It, along with the EC map will be gone in a few weeks, but until then it's great fun.

Heelless shoes made entirely of soft leather, useful for long hours of door-to-door canvassing.

A person who gives rousing stump speeches for pleasure rather than financial benefit.

Any mechanical Obama supporter constructed to act as if by its own motivation.

In state of deep slumber, dreaming of Barack Obama.

A favorite nickname that thousands of supporters all believe they came up with themselves.

If this keeps up the mother tongue will get to be an Obamanation.

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