Monday, October 01, 2007

Another Balkans? Thanks, Senators.

I have bragged in the past that the US Senate is one of history's most impressive and sophisticated bodies.
That assessment is not always true. Lynch underscores the point. This piece of work is nakedly stupid and counterproductive.

As meaningless, non-binding symbolic Senate resolutions go, Joe Biden just managed a doozy. By passing with 75 votes a meaningless, non-binding symbolic Senate resolution in favor of the partition of Iraq, Biden managed to simultaneously: infuriate nearly all Iraqis, who have virtually unanimously condemned the resolution (as have the Arab allies of the US, for that matter); let Senate Republicans off the hook by allowing them to say that they voted for change even though they continue to vote against anything real; and endorse an unworkable plan which would massively increase human suffering while working against American interests in the region and not actually solving the problems.

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