Thursday, October 25, 2007

Donald Sensing reports on Israel/Gaza

Sensing's credibility is unquestioned. I have been reading his blog from before I started my own. Anything he says you can take to the bank.

He just returned from a trip to Israel where he spent time in the area where rockets are launched daily from Gaza into Israel. This video shows what local authorities have collected in six months.

On Oct. 22, I took a video of the rack of recovered detonated rockets. This rack shows only six months worth of rockets launched. People in Sederot and surrounding areas have died from these attacks, including children. While “only” six rockets fell the day I was there, 20 were launched against Israeli civilians on Oct. 23, and six more the day after that.

More pictures and commentary at the site, including a picture of Donald Sensing. Now we have an image to go with his excellent observations.

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