Monday, October 22, 2007

Oldie from younger days

My buddy Catfish found an old favorite on YouTube. Listening to it carried me back....way a time when this was on the radio.
Am I the only one who liked to turn up the volume and sing along to myself alone in the car?
The second thumbnail on the You Tube menu links to Hair, another classic from the same era. The Cowsills may have known what they were singing about, but I doubt it. It was just another fun, cute song of the day....Riiight.

We were incredibly naive then.
We really believed all that stuff.
We have lived to see a day when our leaders no longer pretend to have dreams of peace.
And conflict resolution takes the form of preemptive strikes instead of diplomacy.

My friend Deborah White raises a scary question: What, if anything, might stop the president from bombing Iran after the election is over, before he leaves office?
Greg Djerejian listens to the Vice President and concludes it is as good as done. Just a matter of time.

Good Lord, deliver us.

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vietnamcatfish said...

I got it to work tonite. I never saw "Hair" but enjoyed the clip. Never saw Jesus Christ Superstar, either, for that matter. At the time I wasn't into musicals unless it was a rock one. But I did like "The Sound of Music" as a boyhood 14 or so, after a lot of coaxing from my sister.

Yeah, we were naive as hell. Not much can help the human condition, except for perhaps divine intervention. Most of the hippies grew up to be yuppies anyway. Just another brick in the wall.