Friday, January 25, 2008

Gush Shalom

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Gush Shalom (Hebrew: גוש שלום, "the Peace Bloc") is a left-wing peace activist group which sees itself as the hardcore of Israeli peace movement. Gush Shalom is an extra-parliamentary organization, independent of any party or other political grouping. Some of its activists do belong to political parties, but the Gush is not aligned to any particular party. The Gush was founded by former journalist Uri Avnery in 1993 because he was disappointed by other Israeli peace movements such as Peace Now. Avnery still leads the group.
Gush Shalom objects to what they perceive as the illegal Israeli occupation of the
West Bank and Gaza Strip, and claims Israel is committing war crimes on a daily basis. The movement supports soldiers' refusal to serve in these territories, a pragmatic implementation of Palestinian right of return, and an Israeli withdrawal to the Green Line. Gush Shalom activists regularly confront Israeli security forces in construction sites in settlements in the West Bank and Gaza, and along the Separation Barrier.

Gush Shalom said that Israel's offer to Yasser Arafat in the Camp David negotiations of 2000 were not a "generous offer" but "a humiliating demand for surrender."[1]

Avnery was among the first to meet and negotiate with PLO leader Yasser Arafat. Gush Shalom received the Right Livelihood Award in 2001.


The policy of force has failed, prison walls broken End the blockade – completely !

Ceasefire now – for the sake of Sderot and of Gaza!
Saturday 26.1.08: A countrywide relief convoy and Israeli demonstration in solidarity on the Gaza border with a parallel Palestinian demonstration in the Strip.

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