Monday, January 14, 2008

Sullivan on Clinton

Andrew Sullivan snips...

If you want yet another president who cannot say he or she made a mistake, who can never cop to errors, and who uses everything as a political tool against his or her opponents, you have your candidate. And she is ready on Day One. LINK

Bill Clinton is campaigning for himself as well right now, his own future power. He'll be in a Clinton White House, ready from Day One. And if they get there for a third term, the marital psychodrama they inflicted on us for eight long years will be with us once again. LINK

And from a reader...

I am voting for Obama. He may not have Hillary's experience, but he also does not have her constitutional inability to be honest, and for that I am thankful. LINK

So much political trash talking this morning. I feel like a kid in a candy store. I'd rather read than post.
Sorry, folks.
Like they say on the Cheez-Its, "Get your own box" .

This morning's best video...

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