Friday, January 11, 2008

One final nail in Ron Paul's political coffin

David Niewert's post at Firedoglake, Moral Responsibility, brings the Ron Paul trash into one easy to access pile for all to read. I'm tired of hearing it in the background, although he has made a couple of good hits. Hopefully this will be my final post about Dr. Paul.

Well, we have two choices here:

-- Paul allowed racists and homophobes to publish material under his name for over a decade and did nothing about it until called on it, at which point he in fact denied any responsibility for its publication (his response at the time: "I could never say this in the campaign, but those words weren't really written by me. It wasn't my language at all."); or

-- Paul is lying, and these newsletters really do reflect his longtime views.

Either choice, as it happens, should disqualify the man from the presidency.

Niewert's workmanlike journalism sets a gold standard. His site is one place on my blogroll I seldom skip. Someone has to keep an eye on the crazies and he does so with the efficiency of a forensic specialist.

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