Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A War with Iran Remains a Threat

The NIE story that hit the news last month threw a blanket of false security over Washington. Those of us who have been warning and fretting that the administration was itching to start a war with Iran found ourselves breating a sigh of relief that not only was evidence not there that might justify such an adventure, neither would be the political will in light of that news.

Just when I was starting to get comfortable, Leon Hadar has to go and say this:

If either McCain or Clinton are chosen by their parties as the presidential candidates, Bush-Cheney are then left with a wide window of opporunity (say from June to November) to take U.S. military action against Iran (which will probably be in response to some Iranian "provocation") or to give Israel the "green light" to do that. Is Hillary going to oppose U.S. backing for such an Israeli action. Or is she going to refuse to "support our troops" fighting against the "Hitler in Tehran." I don't think so.

He may be right.

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