Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Killing the Buddha, R.I.P.

A durable root of faith has now become a stump. The living branches have been chopped off and all that remains is an archive. It preceded blogging. It offered a place for those on the margins of faith to explore whatever semblance of faith survived in their materially encrusted lives. It was a place of refuge for those crippled or smothered by overexposure to logic and science, political correctness, blind fundamentalisms of all stripes, and rational thought. After all, faith is, in Twain's words, believing what you know ain't so.

Seven years. That’s how long it's been since

KillingTheBuddha.com began. Seven! That’s 63 in Web years.

When KtB was born, there were no blogs; Salon was big news; the guy who started Facebook was in junior high.

Old enough to know better, young enough to find something else to do, we who have been here since the first day have moved on to writing books, having babies, and publishing in magazines that use actual paper. Much as we wish we could keep KtB going, there’s just no more time.

It has been great fun making this site happen. Many thanks to all who rode along with us. If there’s something we’ve published that you can’t live without, have no fear: We’ll leave the archive up until the internets fall down.

Sleep well, ya'll.

Jeff Sharlet remains on my blogroll. He's on my list of the best journalists working today.

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