Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Where do my readers come from?

According to the Stat Meter, fewer than half of the last 100 readers of this blog come from the US. In fact, only 38% of inquiries are from America. Look at this:

7.14% Germany
7.14% Australia
5.95% France
5.95% United Kingdom
3.57% Spain
2.38% Egypt
2.38% Israel
2.38% Indonesia
2.38% Denmark
2.38% Netherlands
2.38% Canada
1.19% United Arab Emirates
1.19% Belgium
1.19% Italy
1.19% Romania
1.19% Philippines
1.19% Sweden
1.19% Algeria
1.19% South Africa
1.19% Iran, Islamic Republic Of
1.19% Poland
1.19% Pakistan
1.19% New Caledonia
1.19% New Zealand
1.19% India
1.19% Iceland

These numbers are not typical for my blog. They reflect an incredible interest in one post that I put together over a year ago, What is Barack Obama's religion? Updated

The world is watching what we do here.
I hope we make a good and right decision.

After the Iowa caucus last Friday my traffic spiked to nearly two thousand hits. Upwards of ninety percent were reading that one old post. There was and continues to be a keen interest in that question.

I expected that interest to wane going into New Hampshire, but I was wrong. The numbers as of this writing continue to soar. Yesterday saw over two thousand readers.

There is no way to determine how many like what they find but I think many are surprised to learn that Obama is not only a Christian, but a very sincere one at that. The comments thread reflects a wide range of opinions, including my own. I try hard to keep opinions separated from facts but that is not easy.

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