Wednesday, May 21, 2008

David Archuleta - Final Performance

In case you missed it as I did.
Yeah, I'm a sap for the song as well.


When the public voted the other "David" (David Cook) won the competition. No comment from me about that. At this point in the "competition" they're all very high on the talent charts and differences among them is a matter of individual taste. All of the top twelve competitors participated in the final two-hour show last night...which made me tired so I went to bed after the first hour. I learned this morning (5/22) who won.

I've never been terribly impressed with the collective tastes of large numvers of people. This brings to mind whether our politics is an echo of popular ignorance. In some way I think it is. There are many differences, including intelligence levels and attention spans, but when all the smoke clears, in either case -- politics or entertainment -- we receive collectively what we seek, deserve or permit. There is a saying in business that What you permit, you promote. Lots of truth there.


vietnamcatfish said...

Of course, I'm a big fan of the Fab 4. And of this song. I missed it, too. never was a big AI viewer. Boortz says he hates this song. Duh! Its premise will never happen, because we humans are a rough lot. It's a fantasy song, much like somewhere over the rainbow.
How's the new job. I will call you. And see wassup.

vietnamcatfish said...

I like blog owner approval. Do you get mail that isn't printable?

Hoots said...

Fantasy is right. Hence the title.
The new job turned out to be too much for an old man. After two months of killing myself I told them I would rather be a cook than a boss. They agreed. Much better arrangement. Less income but fewer hours. I have my life back and am counting down the months to Social Security and Medicare.
Do call.

Hoots said...

Regarding comments moderation, the answer is "yes." Before any comment is published I get a copy by email that can either be accepted or rejected as it stands. I cannot edit the comment or delete any part, but I can choose either to let it be published or never appear. A few days ago a dedicated spammer took the time to leave comments at about a dozen different posts individually. When that string of comments appeared in the inbox it was clear what had happened, so it was an easy matter to delete them all as a group.