Thursday, May 22, 2008

Pop TV Talks Immigration

David Neiwert posted this video at his blog today together with another lengthy column describing the panic-mongering popular media voices from both Fox and CNN.

Sometimes I wake up in the wee hours of the moring and watch a little TV waiting for sleep to return. If I'm tired enougn, C-SPAN is normally boring enough to make me go back to sleep, but I also check out ABC and CNN in case anything important might have happened since I went to bed. Whenever I see the faces of Glenn Beck or Lou Dobbs I can't keep watching. I cannot believe there is a market for that swill, but what do I know? I'm part of the lunatic fringe.


Lou Dobbs replies, more or less:
If I write a book and 98 percent of it is good material, but 2 percent of it contains libelous and false material, perhaps plagiarized material taken from a white-supremacist website, then it should not surprise me if the public and critics decide to discard the remaining 98 percent as unreliable. Journalists should always strive for complete accuracy and reliable, responsible sourcing, and understand that when they fail, it mars the rest of their work -- and moreover, good journalists recognize that, cop to their mistakes, and move immediately to correct them.
But with Dobbs, the equation is actually reversed. His show is such a major font of misinformation on immigration that it's fair to say that probably only about 2 percent of it is either reliable or responsible. And Dobbs not only never cops to his mistakes -- he says he does, but in fact the record shows otherwise -- but he badgers and attacks the people who call him on them...

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