Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Fantasy: 1964 Redux

As a child of the Sixties I have harbored no small resentment in my adult life of the swelling popular ignorance that passes for Conservatism. Real Conservatives, like "Classical" Liberals, know better, but the populist (read demagogic) appeal of Fox Broadcasting and it's Talk Radio children has grown to the dimensions of Limbaugh's old belt size.

Comes now the rise of Carl Rove as he slips into the ranks of the broadcasting cognoscenti. Can we say a sheep in fox's clothing?

My fantasy is that the next general election will no even be close. I want it to be an avalanche, an unbalanced swing of the pendulum, that once and for all renounces the failed social policies of the last forty years. I want a replay of 1964.

Yeah, I know West Virginia and Kentucky will be red. Probably Michigan as well. But this comment by Ron Beasely at Newshoggers gives me a chill:


If McCain is to have any chance of victory in November he must distance himself from the Bush administration. On a daily basis FOX viewers will see the man who as much as anyone represents the failed and morally corrupt Bush administration shilling for John McCain. This may help McCain with the remaining Bush cultists but will hurt him with the 82 percent who think the country is on the wrong track. So it may be wrong but from the partisan hacks at FOX this comes as no surprise and ultimately in will be John McCain who is hurt. Maybe if we are lucky FOX will hire Rumsfeld too.

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