Thursday, May 05, 2005

Andrew Cusack blog -- new find

New to me, but this is great.
According to his CV Andrew Cusack is only trwnty-one years old. He reads Touchstone, already.
Here he quotes one of the contributing editors.
He's commenting on Patrick Henry College in Northern Virginia.

...this De Tocqueville Society is made up of a group of students at the new Patrick Henry College, founded by Mike Farris, the President of the Home School Legal Defense Association. More than ninety percent of the college's students were homeschooled. If there's a Roman Catholic in the bunch, I've yet to hear about it, and I've been to that campus twice to give lectures.

The young men stand tall and look you in the eye—they don’t skulk, they don’t scowl and squirm uncomfortably in the back chairs as they listen to yet another analysis of Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm, or one of the healthier poems of Sylvia Plath. They’re frank and generous and respectful, but they hold their own in an argument, and they are eager to engage you in those. They are comfortable in their skins; they wear their manhood easily. And the young ladies are beautiful. They don’t wither away in class, far from it; but they wear skirts, they are modest in their voices and their smiles, they clearly admire the young men and are esteemed in turn; they are like creatures from a faraway planet, one sweeter and saner than ours.

Makes me feel much better about the future.
Tip to Steve (aka Freddie) at Southern Appeal.


jpe said...

They sound a little creepy to me. Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm? If this is a joke, it's wonderfully subtle. Now excuse me, I'm off to read some of Ann Sexton's more positive poems and gaze admiringly at young men.

Jim said...

Hoots, thanks for the link to Andrew Cusack. Looks like a fine mind about to take on the world.

I found jpe's comment a little creepy. Patrick Henry College doesn't turn out Stepford Students. They are fine, in fact, incredible young people attending a school of which the present American era is not worthy.

Sure do appreciate all your thoughtful posts HootsBuddy. Wish I had the time to attend to my own blog so lovingly.