Wednesday, May 11, 2005

TCS: One more take on the filibuster

Alright, I'm going right to the punchline.
The column at Tech Central Station is a bit long (fifteen or so screens?) but worth reading. I doubt that any American politician would ever want to be remembered as anyone associated with doing away with the filibuster. (TCS is not famous for being Liberal, you know. This is from the "right of center" crowd.)

Lee Harris has put together a complete history of the filibuster.

If there is a sacred tradition in American politics, it is the willingness of otherwise prudent men to bluff their way up to the very brink of disaster, and then back down. We have done so over and over, and let us hope that we will do so again. The alternative, after all, is nothing short of a divided society, and an uncivil war in which the very political process itself is nullified by an excess of partisan passion.

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