Thursday, May 05, 2005

Chris Anderson - The Long Tail

...the day when most of America watched the same things on the same night is long gone...Today's top shows have Nielsen scores that wouldn't have put then in the top twenty two decades ago.

Likewise for music. By my count only ten of the top 100 best-selling albums were released in the last decade, and only four of those were in the last five years....

So instead of the office water cooler, which crosses cultural boundaries as only the random assortment of personalities found in the workplace can, we increasingly have our own tribes.

Tribes. That's what's happening. Somebody with the much-maligned MSM, that librul conspiracy, has something on the ball.
Lost. Survivor. "Reality" shows (Yech!). Idol. Hmmm...
Just keeping up. The tail keeps growing...From Chris Anderson's blog.
Tip to Doc.

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