Monday, May 16, 2005

Real Live Preacher

TV preachers fascinate me to no end. They have so much emotional energy. It’s tiring just watching them.

I wonder if they pay high interest on their emotional debt, like I do. The body is a loan shark. You will pay premium rates to pull that kind of intensity at the time and place of your choosing. You will pay or lose a pound of flesh. This is something I know about.

Of course, if they’re faking, they’ve made other arrangements. There are black market bargains to be had. Dark covenants can be cut, but let us not speak of such things.


Gordon Atkinson is Real Live Preacher, the guy that rubbed Joe Carter's fur the wrong way.
I keep up with what he's doing simply because I'm interested in every stripe of the Body. Been reading RLP for several years now, from the anonymous blogmaster who eventually got "outed" to his little Texas congregation, to the emerging published author. I expect he will be able to pay the rent by writing, if he isn't already, instead of working as a web designer.
The comment threads affirm his ministry. Just today, in response to this piece in Wittenberg Door, someone said:

The Door is part of the reason I have not given up on Christ. I've been through all the fundamentalist baptist, evangelical-ghetto, charismania, calvinism stuff and have finally given up. I'm attending a Lutheran seminary now. The theology of the cross -I'm living with paradoxes and mysteries that I cannot explain. I've learned to not take myself seriously Love your website!!

He has written tons of stories, but these are not really fiction. The names are changed, as they say, to protect the innocent, but the heart of each story has a kernel of spiritual truth that can nourish the soul. One of my favorites is about when his little girl quit wearing bifocal lenses and the effect it had on him, her Daddy. I relate to that one because of my own experience rearing girls. From time to time I catch from one of them a gesture, an echo of a giggle, a phrase...something that flashes me back to a special moment forever locked in my memory as a precious and irretrievable time.

I've blogged about him before.
Count me as one of Gordon Atkinson's fans.

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