Sunday, May 15, 2005

Trivia: What is the lifespan of orange roughy?

This is under the category of Obscure Stuff You Learn by Blogging.

Until today, I thought of orange roughy as yet another expensive seafood dish, like tilapia or flounder, remarkable more for price per pound than anything else. Fresh seafoods (or for those of us miles inland, fresh-frozen), well-prepared (meaning very lightly seasoned and not cooked too long) and eaten right away after cooking, are one of life's luxuries.
Now that I find that orange roughy might be over a hundred years old, I don't think I enjoy that high-end offering as well as I used to.

Found around the world, including the North Atlantic, where they were first discovered in 1889. Present in large numbers in specific locations around New Zealand between 800-1500 metres depth....Slow-growing, long-lived fish, thought to live up to 150 years...Most fish caught are 30-40 cm long and weigh between 0.9-1.9 kg. Maximum size is 50 cm and 3.6 kg. Diet: Mainly prawns, fish and squid. Breeding: Fish do not begin to breed until they are 25-30 years old.


Jay Gordon is part of the lunatic fringe making up the Arianna menagerie. Refreshing.

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